AgriCareerConnect 2020 – Recorded Webinars

Track 1: Horticulture & Crops

Fresh produce for creative careers, PMA Southern Africa

From seed to plate, SANSOR

Careers within the seed industry, Sakata Seeds

Integrated crop protection – a new generation in agriculture, Intelichem

Vegetables – creative value-adding for commercial success, Laastedrift

Careers in Deciduous Fruit, Hortgro

Fresh fruit export: careers in trade, logistics and post-harvest handling, FPEF

The citrus industry – find the zest of life, Citrus Academy

Berries are booming, careers are looming! BerryWorld

Westfalia Fruit, a world of opportunity, Westfalia Fruit

Careers in the robust table grape industry, SATI

The resilient SA wine industry, #growingtogether, Vinpro

Macadamia growers develop farm managers, RecruitAgri

Track 2: Technology & Innovation, Retail, Business Data Analytics, Agri-business, Food & Consumer Science

Consumer expectations drive blockchain-based food tracking, SAP

Careers in commercial agricultural banking, ABSA Agribusiness

Market access, trade relations & technology drive international trade, Agbiz

Careers is the SA fresh fruit value chain, FruitSA

Industrialised packhouse operations, Packhouse Action Group, Hortgro

A future in the agricultural value chain, ZZ2

Inspiring careers on innovation & technology in SA wine industry, Winetech

Impact of urban agriculture in South Africa, Francois Knowles, APAC.

New generation technology for a new generation of farmers, Peritum Agri Institute

Put an industrial engineer and a farmer in the same room, ODI

LaunchLab ignites new businesses, LaunchLab SU

A retailer’s response to changing consumer behaviour, Woolworths Produce & Horti

A career in product development in food, In2Food

Developing young Agripreneurs to ensure food security and create jobs, EARN International African Greeneurs

Track 3: Animal feed, breeding, production, animal health

Intro Talk by Animal Feed Manufacturers’ Association, AFMA

Practical experience in Animal Feed industry, Chemuniqué

Careers in the animal feed manufacturing supply chain, De Heus South Africa

This is Cargill, Cargill

The use of insects for sustainable animal feed production, Stellenbosch University

Careers in the dynamic livestock and red meat industry, SA Feedlot Association

Animal Breeding and IT, careers SA Stud Book

Application of IT & software development in the animal feed industry, De Heus South Africa

Careers in regulation of the animal auction industry, APAC

Know the Milk Industry, Milk Producers Organisation

Careers in the red meat value chain, Red Meat Producers Organisation

Biosecurity starts at home and disease reporting, RuVASA and National Animal Health Forum

Animal identification: Traceability and One Health, AfriVet

The exciting world of Animal Health, Ascendis Animal Health