JOB SEEKERS Terms and conditions


By registering and making use of Agrijob Recruitment Specialists’ (herein after referring to as Agrijob) services, including but not limited to Agrijob’s interactive job portal, the candidate agrees to the following terms and conditions:
1. Agrijob renders its services free of charge to candidates.

2. Agrijob cannot be held responsible for unsuccessful applications. After the screening process and consultation with candidates, Agrijob refers CV’s to the respective companies. The decision to appoint candidates is solely taken by the company giving the recruitment instruction.
Agrijob will strive to communicate the successful or unsuccessful outcome of applications with candidates. This can only be done when and if the prospective company inform Agrijob accordingly.

3. Prior to the introduction of candidates’ CV’s to prospective company, candidates will be informed on the details of the company and the vacancy. Candidates’ CV’s will only be disclosed to the prospective company with candidates’ consent.

4. Candidates may under no circumstances contact the respective companies without express written permission from Agrijob.

6. It is the responsibility of the candidate to regularly update his/her profile, personal details and CV.

• Agrijob undertakes to protect the candidate’s identity and information by providing a password protection facility. The Agrijob website is password-protected to help safeguard confidential information. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure the safekeeping of the requisite password as Agrijob will not be liable for any breach.
• Agrijob has the right to conduct verification procedures, such as identity number, and qualifications.
• If a candidate is short-listed for a position, the candidate may be requested to give permission for background checks such as identification number, driver’s licence, qualification verification, and credit and criminal checks to be conducted. These could be client company requirements.
• Agrijob Recruitment Specialists take reasonable measures to safeguard the confidentiality of the information hosted at Agrijob and when presented to a prospective client. Agrijob can however not be held liable for client misuse of information. Therefore, the candidate’s decision to submit information on the Agrijob website constitutes the candidate’s acceptance of the risk, should this occur. By submitting the candidate’s personal information, the candidate waives any right to seek legal compensation from Agrijob.
• Agrijob places the highest premium on confidentialty and safekeeping of information. We ensure this through our website security, and password structure to protect the privacy of your information. Agrijob will not share a candidate’s name, address details, contact numbers, or any career information with any client without the candidate’s prior approval and consent.
• Agrjob will not contact candidates’ current employers without the candidate’s full consent.
• Employer Verification: The decision to accept employment, verification and establishment of the company’s suitability as employer, financial status and integrity, is the responsibility of the candidate.