January 11, 2021
1347 Moulton Avenue, Centurion, South Africa
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Food processing and pre-packing, Quality assurance & food safety, Research & development
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A dynamic custom food manufacturing company requires a competent Food Safety & Quality Manager:

The Food Safety Manager will develop and oversee all the food safety regulations, policies, and procedures. The Food Safety Manager will help develop, implement and enforce food safety standards, policies and programs including HACCP, regulatory audits, food safety training programs, standard operating procedures (SOP’s), product inspections and standardized work instructions. Provides leadership, support and guidance to ensure that food quality standards, food safety guidelines and customer service expectations are met.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Develop and update food safety manuals, as well as maintenance of manuals, policies and procedures relating to any food safety concerns. Make presentations and provide explanations of food safety documents to employees, suppliers and client personnel as necessary.
  • Assist in the overall implementation of the food safety policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Develop and provide technical training to management and employees, suppliers and clients facilities regarding the adequacy of the food safety program, pest control, operational methods and personnel practices, and maintenance for food safety and cleaning practices.
  • Plan and conduct facility food safety audits as well as manage third-party audits.
  • Notify departments and/or suppliers of inspection dates, as and when required.
  • Monitor and verify activities to ensure all products coming in and out of the facility meet food safety standards in addition to quality standards.
  • Update existing food safety procedures and documentation to keep up with changing requirements.
  • Assist buyers with training and educating potential suppliers to ensure compliance
  • Work closely with the Operations Manager and/or General Manager on any food safety or quality assurance issues.
  • Communicate verbally to management on the level of food safety existing at the facility.
  • Oversee proper maintenance and sanitation of the facility to comply with food safety requirements.
  • Ensure that all company food safety and quality assurance procedures are always followed and documented correctly.
  • Organize food safety compliance and budget for the year.
  • Manage and lead any recall events, this includes all steps from start to finish.
  • Support and assist with any withdrawal or quality assurance events surrounding customers.
  • Complete other essential job functions as assigned
  • Compile, present and assess Food Safety training


  • Detail-oriented.
  • Must possess excellent verbal communication skills and good writing abilities.
  • Be able to work independently of direct supervision and file all reports, requests for information and invoices in a timely manner.
  • Problem-solving skills – the ability to understand and carry out detailed written and verbal instructions and to deal with problems involving a few variables in standardized situations.
  • Level of persuasion and/or influencing of others – the ability to effectively present ideas.
  • Level of autonomy when considering alternatives or options in the resolution of problems – decisions are made in routine situations, or where the consequences of error are major.
  • Mental effort – requires individual to occasionally juggle shifting priorities and deadlines and deal with limited complex issues.
  • Level of independent judgment or discretion – makes decisions, which are a result of the individual’s exercise of discretion, and independent judgment, and are subject to review by another individual.
  • Project management – the ability to plan and establish priorities, meet deadlines.
  • Ability to utilize or learn software or technical applications and systems.
  • High level of integrity and accountability.


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