November 18, 2021
Central Botswana, Botswana
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Agronomy (crops) and horticultural production, Environmental and natural resources (soil, water), Plant nutrition, plant protection
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A dynamic 1,500-hectare horticultural development (citrus) in the central part of Botswana, is recruiting a Production Manager.  Intended as a flagship project for the country, it will set in motion the growth of the country’s fast-developing agricultural industry. It is bound to be an establishment of one of the largest consolidated citrus developments in Southern Africa.  


Production Management of a citrus production block at a fast-growing Citrus development in Botswana, about an hour's drive from the Groblersbrug Martinsdrift Botswana border.


  1. Manage Citrus Production Systems
  2. Manage administration of Citrus Production Unit
  3. Manage production staff (personnel)
  4. Comply with Industry Certification standards
  5. Manage innovation and business optimization
  6. Planning and Implementation of new projects (As and when / as per Capex budget)


  1. Technical Support to SPC Production Managers.
  2. Optimal use of machinery & equipment (Serviceability) and resources
  3. Manage Citrus Production System
  4. Co-create production strategy in conjunction with Operations Manager:  System/Cost Control, Tenders and Stock Control
  5. Fertilizer programme
  6. Irrigation programme
  7. Chemical spray programme
  8. Maintenance and Irrigation Function
  9. Manage finance and administration of Citrus Production Function
    1. Financial: Optimize profit; minimize cost (Budget – Actual vs planned); Capex
    2. Admin: Tenders; Stock control; Interaction with Operations Manager
  10. Manage production staff (personnel)
    1. Procure and prepare of employees (Determine HR requirement, Recruitment, Training, Manage staff)
    2. Ensure Health and safety
    3. Evaluate performance and motivate staff
  11. Comply with Industry Certification standards
    1. Accreditation and ESG Audits
  12. R&D (Manage innovation & business optimization)
    1. Adjust and adapt systems to maintain and comply with GGS and enhance competitiveness (against world markets & peers)
  13. Planning and Implementation of new projects (As and when/as per Capex budget)


Minimum qualifications: Agricultural Diploma or Degree, and minimum expected experience of 5-10 years in management of all aspects of commercial citrus production.  Must therefore have comprehensive technical citrus production knowledge.

Must have excellent organisational skills, able to manage staff and the workforce.

Must be keen to work and live in Botswana, among several other South Africans and local people.

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