November 1, 2021
Benoni AH, South Africa
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Food processing and pre-packing, Quality assurance & food safety
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A reputable company involved with fresh vegetable and fruit production requires a QC Supervisor at their pre-packing, staging and distribution depot in the East Rand.  This is an entry-level position.  See Key Result Areas, and required input and outputs below:

JOB DESCRIPTION QC SUPERVISOR KEY RESULT AREAS INPUT OUTPUT BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Co-ordinate and  co-operate in interdepartmental activities Effective communication channels between departments Control attendance Keeping attendance records Work activities Monitor and control standard of work activities according to job descriptions Legal requirements Comply to legal requirements relating to enterprise ADMINISTRATION Ordering of goods & services Complete order form as per best quotation Safety and security of the workplace No accidents allowed due to a lack of safety standards, no theft allowed due to a lack of security measures STAFF DEVELOPMENT Performance measurement Maintain record of performance Performance appraisals Provide feedback to staff members on performance Assessment of staff requirements Appoint staff according to requirements Grievance procedure Utilize grievance procedure according to legislation Disciplinary procedure Utilize disciplinary procedure according to legislation Staff training programme Identify and train accordingly Appointment of new employees To attend induction course To access performance Assessment of new applications Appointments according to Denmar staff's manual PERSONAL MANAGEMENT Confidentiality According to signed confidential clause Responsibility and accountability Accept full responsibility and accountability as set by JD Company image Enhance image of company through own behaviour Integrity, business ethics and honesty To be maintained Initiative Using initiative to update distribution management overall General Any other duties which may be given from time to time that you would be capable of performing As discussed with senior Factory Auditing of factory, inside and outside on hygiene parameters Daily + weekly hygiene log Auditing of factory staff on hygiene parameters Daily hygiene log Auditing of hostels and ablution on hygiene parameters Monthly hygiene log Samples to be sent to independent labs for verification and testing SOP for independent lab samples Trend analysis on results from lab SOP for tend analysis Corrective and preventative action from lab SOP on corrective and preventative actions Analysis of Juice and Motoho/Mageu return from trade and customer complaints SOP on analysis of product returns Shelve life on Juice and Motoho/Mageu SOP on shelf life QC report on Juice and Motoho/Mageu quality According to report system Auditing on processes According to process SOP Auditing on CIP According to process SOP LAB Testing of all water, Juice and Motoho/Mageu packed According to Lab testing schedule Mixing of all concentrates for juice According to SOP FOOD SAFETY AND QUALTIY Ensuring food safety and quality standards is adhered too. According to the Food safety policy
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