AgriCAREERConnect: Interactive career events – where industry meets fresh minds

A full-day event where the private sector and industry organisations in agriculture and related fields can meet students and graduates.

  • 5 September 2019 @ Future Africa, University of Pretoria

  • 3 October, STIAS, Stellenbosch University

Where Industry Meets Fresh Minds

  • Speed-talks talks by experienced (young) graduates (15 minutes) in the auditorium, sharing their career paths – students and graduates can attend presentations of choice

  • Interactive expo: exhibits/mini-lounges expo style and breakaway rooms. Companies can have group sessions with under- and post-graduate students. Outdoor exhibits (banners/gazebos) creates a festive environment. Student appointments for sessions with companies will be facilitated by using an online booking system

  • Target Group: Under- and postgraduate students in Agriculture, Food & Consumer Science, Forestry and Genetics, first year BSc Biological Science students, and selected Engineering (Industrial, Mechanical, Electronic, Civil), IT, B.Com students, and school learners with interest in Agricultural Sciences. Integration of other disciplines, i.e. Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, GIS, B.Com

  • Teachers’ Lunch – hosted by the Produce Marketing Association (PMA). Invited Science and Life Science Teachers will hear about career opportunities in the entire supply chain in horticulture and agronomy, from industry experts, followed by ‘Teachers Recognition Lunch’ on 3 September, coinciding with the AgriCAREERConnect event at UP. This clever approach results in Teachers becoming ambassadors for Agriculture

  • Networking Cocktail Event at the end of the day’s proceedings, where industry leaders will be invited to attend. High profile speakers:

  • Malcolm Ferguson, former Ambassador and specialist in international trade, and facilitator at the recently established Agricultural Development Agency on 5 September 2019 at 16:30 (by invitation only)

  • Dr Johan van Zyl, Agricultural Economist, CEO of TymeBank and Chairman of Sanlam, at Stellenbosch University on 3 October 2019 at 16:30 (by invitation only)

AgriCAREERConnect Student Appointment programme: Students can make appointments to visit companies for a group discussion (max 4). It is suggested that companies also make provision for bypassing and ‘walk-in’ students/graduates, although appointments will contribute to a more orderly system. Companies, therefore, need to make a staff member available for bypassing students/walk-ins

Video: Get a glimpse of the UP Future Africa venue and students/graduates’ expectations…

I am a student or graduate interested in the event:

University of Pretoria 5 September 2019 @ Future Africa, UP Proefplaas

Stellenbosch University 3 October 2019 @ STIAS, Stellenbosch University

Bus Schedule
Student Bus Schedule from UP Hatfield Campus on the Cnr of Herold and Duxbury Road, to Future Africa and return, as indicated in yellow (provisional)

Depart Hatfield Campus Arrive Future Africa   Depart Future Africa Arrive Hatfield Campus
7h30 7h45 8h00 8h15
8h30 8h45 9h00 9h15
9h30 9h45 10h00 10h15
10h30 10h45 11h00 11h15
11h30 11h45 12h00 12h15
12h30 12h45 13h00 13h15
13h30 13h45 14h00 14h15
14h30 14h45 15h00 15h15
15h30 15h45 16h00 16h15
16h30 16h45 17h00 17h15
17h30 17h45 18h00 18h15
18h30 18h45 19h00 19h15

My organisation would like to take part in the event:

University of Pretoria 5 September 2019 @ Future Africa, UP Proefplaas

Stellenbosch University 3 October 2019 @ STIAS, Stellenbosch University

I am a Member of Industry/Friend of Agriculture’ interested to attend the day:

Attendance of the AgriCAREERConnect day as Industry Member or Friend of Agriculture