EMPLOYERS Terms and Conditions

1. Ticking the ‘Acceptance of terms and conditions’ box on the Agrijob website or interviewing a candidate from Agrijob Recruitment Specialists, herein after referred to as Agrijob, is regarded as acceptance of Agrijob’s “Terms and Conditions” by the Employer, unless the interviewed candidate has during the recruitment process been referred to the employer by another party. In the event of a “duplicate CV” received by our client, companies should notify Agrijob within 36 hours if an introduced candidate’s CV has already been submitted by another party, and if a company fails to do so, they will be liable to pay the recruitment fee as agreed, should the candidate be appointed.
2. Appointments: Depending on the recruitment option selected by the Employer, Agrijob’s fee is a commission based on the agreed annual package for the position, excludes Value Added Tax (VAT) and is payable where the introduced candidate resumes his/her duties.
3. Payment of the recruitment fee is strictly payable within eight days (8) after the candidate’s starting date.
4. Guarantee: Should the candidate leave the services of the Employer within the three (3) month guarantee period, Agrijob will endeavour to provide a replacement, at no extra cost, limited to a period of 6 months after the candidate left the service of the Employer. This guarantee will be deemed not to apply if (1) the reason for the incumbent’s resignation results from any failure on the employer’s part to fulfil his contractual obligations to the candidate or (2) the employer fails to remit payment of fees by the required date, as stated in clause 3. Should the replacement candidate be employed at an amended salary package, an adjustment will be made to the fee. The guarantee is only applicable for the replacement of one candidate; should the replacement candidate leave the Employer’s services within 3 months; the guarantee clause will no longer be applicable. Under no circumstances are cash refunds applicable.
5. The candidate’s particulars, including contact details, are strictly confidential and are forwarded in trust. No candidate’s CV or contact details may be forwarded to a third party, without Agrijob’s express written permission. Under no circumstances is the Employer allowed to contact any of the the candidate’s present and past employers without the consent of the candidate or Agrijob and thus confirmed by Agrijob to the Employer.
6. Final Evaluation, selection and appointment is the exclusive responsibility of the Employer.
7. Background checks: As a matter of course, Agrijob conducts their own internal assessments and checks on all candidates to provide their clients with their views, including identity, qualification and driver’s license validation. Criminal records and credit status checks will be conducted only on request of the Employer, and the Employer will be charged for these services at the standard background screening rates plus a 15% handling fee. Any psychological, psychometric assessments or specialist recruitment tools required by the client, are at the client’s expense at a pre-determined rate.
8. Temporary appointments: A flat rate of R15 000 exclusive of VAT is payable for all temporary/contract positions, with duration of maximum of three months. Should this candidate be permanently appointed, or his/her contract be extended, within twelve (12) months after the temporary contract expires, this will be regarded as a permanent appointment and the standard rate will be applicable. The R15 000 payment will be deducted from the total amount owed.
9. Contractual appointments: Should a candidate be appointed on a contractual basis of 6 months or 12 months, this will be regarded as a permanent appointment and the standard fee will be applicable. Should this candidate be permanently appointed or his/her contract be extended, within twelve (12) months after the temporary contract expires, this will be regarded as a permanent appointment and the standard rate will be applicable.
10. The Employer undertakes to inform Agrijob immediately as to whether the candidate is to be appointed or not, and the applicable remuneration.
11. Whilst every care is taken, Agrijob and its staff members do not accept any responsibility and are not liable for any damages resulting from information or representations concerning the candidate introduced to the employer/client; neither does Agrijob offer any guarantee on any aspect relating to the history, character, age, capabilities or suitability of the candidate.