Growing our own timber

Many graduates knock on our door to get access to a first job. At Agrijob, we are always happy to welcome fresh graduates, as this is one of Agrijob’s focuses: to assist young people to find a first job, or internship. Since Agrijob’s establishment in the nineties, we have seen many shifts taking place in the recruitment space in agriculture.
Although agriculture is a very dynamic and robust industry, young people often find it hard to get a foot in the door. Contradictory to this, the industry often complains that they don’t find graduates with applicable skills. Companies are finally realising that they must grow their own timber, and as a result, more and more companies are implementing internship programmes. This will enable selected graduates to gain hands-on experience in the industry and opens the door for possible fulltime employment. A good example is the industry organisation Fresh Produce Exporters Forum, which has implemented a successful internship programme for their members, exporters of fresh produce. This programme has resulted in many graduates working in this dynamic and vibrant industry. 
In addition to Agrijob’s focus on helping graduates to find a first job, we host the annual AgriCAREERConnect (ACC) event, an integrated online career event for companies and industry organisations to showcase career opportunities in agriculture and interact with students & graduates.  This is a win-win as companies can meet fresh minds and students can speak with companies directly, hearing form the industry about career opportunities within a specific sector or company. 
This year’s ACC takes place on 16-18 August, in collaboration with our valuable education partners: 

Compiled by:  Marianne van der Laarse

This is the first blog of many to come, with focus on empowering students and graduates with knowledge on career opportunities in the entire value chain, and to prepare them for work-life after student-life. This will be achieved by hearing from companies what kind of skills they require, as well as from graduates who are already working, sharing their career journeys.  Therefore, watch this space to get first-hand advice and guidance on what to expect when you enter an industry. Future editions will also focus on the job search process – how to compile a professional CV and get advice on interview techniques to enhance your chance of being selected for a job or internship.  May all of you have a fruitful year!

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